Zahra Redha - United kingdom
Thanks a lots To RETAL . They made everything fantastically for help me for whole trip therefore I felt that I was at home . Really I had more than fantastic time . I hope to re-again this trip with RETAL in next years .
Fadhel Aljishi - United kingdom
I haven't had any problem in Bournemouth . RETAL was helpfully and the School with family were welcome and helpfully with me also I found in the city very lovely people .
Hader AlAwami - Canada
Of course My trip was very nice .and everything was so easy with RETAL
Mohammed Algaryeb - United kingdom
It was good summer time for me specially The school and Host family were very good . also I would like to say Thanks for RETAL who helped me in everything's I needed .and I wish to repeat my trip with RETAL next years
Nael Albrahim - United kingdom
The First week was very difficult because it was the first time for me travel alone RETAL helped me a lot and stay in touch with me all the time . the host family was great they made me as part of them
Mohamed AlGarifia - Canada
Really I enjoyed in my trip because I haven't any problem and the school with teachers were so nice .i wish to Travel with RETAL by next year because they were in touch with me all the time for fix my problem and make me happy
Thamer Almuslim - united kingdom
My trip with RETAL was so good .I Went there to learn English and I get it . I like to study there in U.K and I plan to do it again .the school was nice also the teacher
In March 2009, the marketing manager for European school from Italy visited Saudi Arabia. A contract was signed between Retal company and them. This is our commitment to international education, offering management courses to various companies ( worldwide ) , specializing for any area of professional development in delivering ( best results ) in administration, sale, marketing, etc.