Retal with its professionalism has successfully grown into a leading agency for language courses, university degrees, advanced courses, etc. in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our services guarantees the career growth of our valued customers. We are customer oriented agency, with one simple objective CUSTOMER SATISFACTION .

Our Vision
To become a World Class Agency wherein cultural wealth and traditions of Saudi Arabia are brought to life.

Vision On Progress And Development

We continue building bilateral partnerships with local and international agencies in order to strengthen our Networks & Coverage, improve our Educational Experiences and increase our educational choices to our valued customers.


We are caring agency. Our priority is the welfare of our customers at all times. Prior enrolling students for further studies, we verify the quality of institutes / schools availability of good accommodations as well as transportation convenience. Our caring nature makes us a unique agency.
In March 2009, the marketing manager for European school from Italy visited Saudi Arabia. A contract was signed between Retal company and them. This is our commitment to international education, offering management courses to various companies ( worldwide ) , specializing for any area of professional development in delivering ( best results ) in administration, sale, marketing, etc.