How early one should booked a Language / Other Courses ?
We recommend booking any courses approximately 3 months in advance, to avoid any disappointments. The complete payments for the selected courses will have to be deposited 2 weeks prior the course date.
How many students are assigned to a Language Course ?
Based on the type of Language Courses, its Schedules and the Language Schools in the country of choice, the maximum of students assigned varies between 8 to 12 students.
Is there a Placement Test for Level Assigning ?
Yes. Every student is subjected to the Placement Leveling Test on the first day in order to assess and select the course that best befit his / her needs and requirements based on the current knowledge level.
When are the Courses held ?
Courses are held throughout the year. Any given course starts from Monday to Friday.
What are the age limits for enrollment in Language School ?
The enrollment in the Language Schools requires a minimum age of 18 years and above. For students aged between 16 years to 18 years, we offer U16 Individual Junior Language Program
What are the number of hours per week for a class ?
The  breakdown  are  as  follows :
Basic  Course :  10 hours  per  week
Standard  Course : 15  hours  per  week  or  more
Intensive  Course   : 25  hours  per  week  or  more
Is the trip abroad for a Course includes Accommodation ?
Depending on the destination abroad, the accommodation may include complete boarding, semi-boarding or no boarding. Generally apartments offers no boarding but boarding with host families offers semi or complete boarding options.
What are the recommended days for accommodation from arrival to departure back home ?
Accommodation is made available either Sunday or day before the course starting time and have to vacate by Saturday or day after the course finishes.
What are the mode of payments ?
Payments can be made to Retal Agency either in cash, credit card or bank transfer.
On visa refusal by any Embassy, do you need to pay ?
Yes. The payment will cover the agency services and the concerned institute registrations fees ( if they insist ).
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